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7 Messages That Have Miss You Written All Over Them Messages Nigeria

7 Miss You Messages For Your Lover

miss you messages
Miss You Messages

When you love someone, you always long for their presence and for their touch. Sadly, you cannot have your lover around all the time. There will be times when you two will not get to meet for weeks and there will be days when you two will have a fight and not talk to each other. Either case, the love does not end and nor does the feeling of missing your soul mate goes away. We have compiled a few Miss You messages that you can send your lover whenever you want to remind them that they are loved and you are waiting for them.

“I am ready for more laughter. Meet soon. Miss you”

This simple message conveys your message and keeps it light hearted. It shows that how much you miss your lover’s company and what you have been waiting for. It also shows that your partner makes you happy. What more could anyone ask for? This message is perfect for occasions when you two have been far from each other for a while now and you want them to come back as soon as possible even if it is for a little while.

“Lone hours are hard to fly. Thinking about you.”

This is a perfect message for occasions when you are doing something that you two used to do together often. For example, you are travelling to a certain city alone for the first time. Earlier, it used to be with your loved one. In such situation, you definitely miss your partner in crime and that is why this message is so apt.

“Need no big words to tell you how I feel. I miss you”

For the times when words are not an option to tell them how much you miss them. They will feel you instantly and they will come running to see you. Be assured that this message and other messages like these portray your feeling as you want. You will not always have words to explain how you feel and you will rarely find words to explain how much you miss them. This is where such messages come in.

“Remember the times when we sat together, talked and connected? I miss you”

For the lost love, for the one you miss to the moon and back, this is for the person who means the world to you. We always have someone in our life who means more than the world to us. This particular person might not feel the same for us but they don’t call it love if it’s not painful. This messages captures the essence of your love and the pain associated with it and delivers your message to the one you want to be with the most.

“I wish I were with you, holding you tight in my arms.”

A tsunami of emotions flows through us when we miss someone who is dear to us. The emotions blind us with love and all we want is to hug and run towards the person who mattes the most to us. They are away and it is sad. You want to share the joy and the happiness but all you can do right now is wait for them and let them know that you are waiting for them and looking forward to hold them in your arms.

“I will wait for you because honestly I don't want anyone else.”

They are moving away. Maybe because they have no other choice or maybe because they wish to explore the other side. Whatever the reason, you have given them the liberty to go, spread their wings and fly and now you are waiting for them with your arms wide open, letting them know that no matter where they go and what they do, they will never find a heaven as safe as the one you gave them.

“Restless and missing you.”

Nothing shows the excitement and the feeling of a yearning desire as much as a message like this. If you wish to tell them that you just want them right now and nothing else and that you are ready to do whatever it takes to be in their arms, this message is for you.

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