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8 Kinds of Love Messages They Just Cannot Ignore Messages Nigeria

8 Kinds of Love Messages They Just Cannot Ignore

Life is no fairy tale and if someone tells you that a troubled relationship is a big deal, they are lying. A relationship, with time, goes through its own share of ups and downs. Love makes you excited and at the same time, it makes sure you hit the ground head first. Neverthless, love is something that all of us need and why not? It is truly magical. While we are still talking about love, here are 8 kinds of love messages that your better half will just not be able to ignore.

The Plain Old ‘I Love You’

8 Kinds of Love Messages
8 Kinds of Love Messages
It never gets old and never gets out of fashion. This is sassiest way to convey your feelings and when done right, the best way to win their heart. Even after a huge argument, if you can just let go off your ego and hug them and say these three words, everything will be back to normal.

Down The Memory Lane

Remind them of a time when you two did something crazy. Remind them how much you loved them back then and then tell them how much you love them now. Make them realize that you two are perfect and nothing can go wrong if you just hold hands.

Getting Naughty and Sexy

naughty lover
A little flirting never harmed anyone and getting a little dirty on phone will never ruin anything. Express your feelings, tell them how you like them and all the things that you want to do to them. This should be easy.

My Idea of a Perfect Date

lovers at candle light dinner
lovers at candle light dinner
This one is a little tricky and requires a little thought but it is a kind that always works. All you have to do is write and tell them about how you would like to spend a day with them. Shopping, movies, trekking, sports, candle light dinner – let your creativity flow.

Our Future, Together

lovers thinking of future
These are the messages that convey that you think of a future with them. Tell them about your dreams and what all you want to achieve and then tell them how and where they fit in. Let them know that you are not being selfish and thinking just about yourself. You think about both of you.

You Are On My Mind

Remind them that they are always on your mind. Saw a movie poster that you loved watching, send them a pic of the poster and remind them of the time when you two went for the movie. Keep it short, interesting and lovely.

I Miss You to the Moon

you are always on my mind
One of the easiest messages and a sure shot winner is a message that tells your partner how much you miss them and how badly you want them right now. Play with the words, mix up the above kinds within the miss you messages and see them cry with joy.

I Am Sorry

i am sorry i love u
Another tricky message that definitely works. A perfect example would be “I am sorry if I do not say it enough but I love you.” You get it, right? You are not sorry but you are saying it because you want to express yourself in a very emotional way.
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